Future Proof Design

Yamanto Central Ipswich, Australia

Yamanto Central

Ipswich, Australia


Flexibility and forward planning inform the composition of this retail precinct, which is designed to accommodate future expansion.

Inspired by the history of the region’s industrial activity and incorporating materials and aesthetics from the local area, the centre’s design supports the significance of the location.

The prominent corner of the centre is expressed with a three-storey architectural landmark element, which announces the precinct as a next generation shopping destination, with a dramatic contemporary architectural presence.

The façade on one side is articulated by a number of solid and perforated three dimensional elements to enable vertical gardens to complement the local environment and encourage commuter flow.

The articulation of the elevations is punctuated by an outdoor dining canopy protecting the indoor/outdoor dining precinct – Central Eats. The outdoor precinct adjacent to the main entry will feature a large green space, and planting flowing into the covered dining zone. The area also provides flexibility to accommodate activities and entertainment for the wider community.

Connecting Central Eats to adjacent pedestrian footpaths and existing bus networks creates an immediate community benefit. The design also allows future flexibility for an upper level retail or commercial opportunity for local business.

Buchan has taken into account the importance of a possible future main street concept. A significant land reserve facing the main street boundary has been preserved and a future entry location has been incorporated into the design.