Immersive Light Sculpture

Vivid Sydney Festival 2014 Sydney, Australia

Vivid Sydney Festival 2014

Sydney, Australia


Buchan’s ‘e|MERGEnce’ light installation is part of the Vivid Sydney festival that lit up the Sydney cityscape.

The sculptural piece is a real figure in the form of a huge, faceted head rising out of the water. During the day the sculpture is a study in the human form of basic geometry. When night comes, the sculpture becomes a canvas for projection mapping and video. Viewers experience a contrary view of themselves. Their experience is amplified by light, shade, texture and colour effects framing and overlaying the faces over time.

The process of making e|MERGEnce has created opportunities to experiment with new methods of digital fabrication, 3D scanning and generative design. The sculpture’s geometry is a synthesis of a wide variety of head scans creating a model that represents an average of the individuals scanned in simple geometry.

The resulting 3D model is a digital toolpath that creates the sculpture via subtractive and additive manufacturing.

A highlights clip of the installation can be seen here:

And behind the scenes of the installation’s design and production:


  • Client /Destination NSW
  • Discipline /BX
  • Region /Australia
  • Team / Bruce Hart