World-Class Town Centre

Sylvia Park Auckland, New Zealand

Sylvia Park

Auckland, New Zealand


The architectural vision for Sylvia Park is to create a world-class town centre and attract international brands.

During the day, Buchan’s design provides a galleria-style atrium flooding the mall with diffused natural daylight through roof skylights. At night discrete, light sources will up-light the curved surfaces of the ceilings providing a soft ambience. The design gives clear views inside allowing customers to effortlessly move through the space with no need for extensive wayfinding. The form and finishes of the interior provide an elegant backdrop that is a balance to the colours and materials used by the retailers on their shopfronts.

Buchan also created the design and upgrade of the expansion at Sylvia Park’s The Grove to accommodate six new restaurants, a new square and dining lane. The silhouette of the signature dining pavilion relates to the forms and scale of the existing buildings and the angular geometry of the wing-like roof of the retractable canopy appears as if it is folded, like origami. Supported by ‘structural trees’, outdoor dining can happen all year round.

The $220 million 18,000sqm expansion follows the launch of New Zealand’s first H&M and Zara stores in 2016, both of which Buchan was also engaged to deliver the designs.