Refreshing Public Space

Realm Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, Australia


Realm library complex is a significant piece of architecture, designed to be the centrepiece of the new town square precinct.

Pivotal to the design of Realm is the central staircase, linking all three levels of the centre. A glass roof brings generous light to the core of the building. There is an art space that for performances and lounge areas to enjoy filtered light.

A series of acoustically treated pods provide the option for a secluded environment to cater for small groups who wish to meet without disturbing others. High feature eucalypt timber, a species native to the region, integrates into custom designed joinery. And rather than rows of identical bookshelves, the shelf cavities reference the curvaceous form of the mountains. The selection of textures and fabric colours for the furniture is in response to native floras.

There are also facilities within Realm, such as a community hub for new businesses, separate rooms with Wi-Fi, a youth precinct that’s centered on digital technology a café, art gallery and citizen advice centre.

Realm interacts with open-air gathering spaces, cafes and the revamped Eastland Shopping Centre.

Buchan worked in collaboration with façade designer Acme on the library and centre.