Urban Beachfront

Mission Bay Auckland, New Zealand

Mission Bay

Auckland, New Zealand


An architectural expression is a reflection of the spirit and the natural beauty of Mission Bay.

Mission Bay is designed to meet the changing needs of Auckland’s local community and burgeoning tourist population. It features up to 100 quality apartments and townhouses surrounded by a diverse offering of restaurant, retail and recreational spaces.

The design celebrates a romantic, nostalgic reference to an art deco past. It combines simple elements, such as visually bold concrete shells with understated colours expressed in the residential glazing. The curvilinear shaping is greatly influenced by both the geometry and soul demonstrated within the historic Mission Bay Fountain. Creating a strong connection to the beach front promenade, the project will create 150 metres of public interface along the city’s north and west-facing street levels.

Five new state-of-the-art theatres will make the most of the project’s seaside location. Whilst the main building will peak at eight storeys—seven storeys and mezzanine—the height will gradually decrease to sensitively integrate with the surrounding neighbourhood. The other six buildings have a range of heights and provide views across the site and pedestrian lane-ways to evoke a sense of community.

The Mission Bay project is both visionary and viable, showcasing design principles in support of an ambitious effort to rejuvenate one of New Zealand’s most iconic places.