Resurrecting a Legacy

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The significant expansion and remodelling of Mall Plaza Vespucio creates an authentic urban village that transcends the commercial and resurrects a legacy for the community.

As the symbolic heart of Vespucio for over 30 years, the centre began to struggle as new competition emerged and customers left in search of new experiences. Collaborating with the client, Buchan responded with the concept Transforma Vida Urbana – ‘to transform urban life’.

The concept seeks to reconnect with the community by reimagining Mall Plaza as a thriving central hub founded on human centred design. The new 170,000sqm ‘urban village’ presents connected, permeable and safe spaces, diverse experiences and new trends. The goal is to respond to customers’ needs and aspirations and introduce international fashion, food theatre, social opportunities, entertainment and leisure and experiences that foster health and well-being.

The design objectives focus on transformation and regeneration to engage the city and local community. The architecture responds to the challenge through its simplicity and respecting unique Chilean traditions and building fabric.

The masterplan offer is divided into five branded precincts with strong individual character and purpose. There is a town square and food and beverage civic precinct, five distinct retail malls focusing on international, youth and urban fashion, tactile urban alley link to Metro, active prosport and an urban market immersive food experience experiences.