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Jupiters Casino Gold Coast, Australia

Jupiters Casino

Gold Coast, Australia


The expansion of Jupiters Casino enhances the excitement of gaming by providing restaurants, bars, live music and lounge areas all on a single gaming level.

The project trebles the size of the original main gaming floor and provides new offices, plant and storage spaces on the lower levels. The concept embraces the principle that leisure and entertainment experiences are equal to gaming experiences. The concept also faithfully preserves the classic architectural essence of the pyramid form and its harmonious embrace by the hotel tower. New built form mutually achieves its own distinction, design excellence, and architectural integrity. The interior design of the new spaces evokes diversity of experience, excitement and attraction, and a framework for change, newness and re-invention.

The journey starts in the atrium where the recessed entrance provides a glimpse of the destination beyond. The J Bar and new restaurant Bite maximise the views. The project incorporates the collection and reuse of rainwater for the pools and spas and the efficient use of recycled water for irrigation and public amenities.

As the architect for the original casino, Buchan has worked on a number of stages since the casino’s grand opening in 1985.