Bringing a Vision to Life

Ipswich City Council Administration Building Ipswich, Australia

Ipswich City Council Administration Building

Ipswich, Australia


A new office tower will act as one central location for all council departments for the first time in decades.

Designed by Buchan the tower is unique and highly identifiable. It will contain a forward-thinking office design that speaks to not only facility standards but the best design possible to enrich workplace relationships. The building’s space has a rectangular shaped floor plan with terrace balconies provided on the eighth floor.

Inspired by connection within the community, the overarching design follows an integrated approach. It respects the ongoing master planning of the wider site. The new administration building forms part of the wider redevelopment of the northern end of the former shopping centre. An inverted podium comprises an accessible ground floor. Landscaping seeks to connect to the adjacent new civic square.

Predominantly facing west onto a new civic space which includes an urban water park and library, the building requires substantial sun screening for occupants and minimum reflectivity into this plaza for the public. It will be energy efficient with five-star ratings.

The purpose-built building includes a two-storey inverted podium, with nine-stories of office above. It also includes three basement levels for parking, bicycle storage facilities and end of trip facilities.