Transforming a City

Invercargill Central Invercargill, New Zealand

Invercargill Central

Invercargill, New Zealand


The redevelopment will see the urban fabric of the Invercargill CBD reimagined as a dynamic, walkable precinct which will continue to evolve alongside this growing city.

The masterplan includes curated zones and precincts to deliver a thoughtful mix of retail, hospitality, civic, entertainment, residential, commercial and multi-service offerings. Organic and evolving placemaking, informed by community engagement and Buchan’s mixed-use experience, will create a development to enhance liveability, community, neighbourhood and enduring opportunity in the area.

Buchan will apply our broad discipline offer to balance the macro, holistic overview with the micro details that together craft a flourishing urban scape. As a next-generation project, not only does the development engage the residents of Invercargill, but it will provide economic and social benefits to the surrounding regional communities of New Zealand’s South Island by creating jobs and attracting tourism to the area; during construction and into the future.

The design considers experiences of the city at all scales, from character and service provision to wayfinding and walkability. New laneways linking from North to South, extend the existing built environment and create pockets of activity. It is imperative we design zones for incidental as well as purposeful interactions to allow natural community growth as opposed to forced, new-build sterility. The scheme also responds to unique climatic conditions, including hours of low sunlight and prevailing Antarctic winds.

Three heritage facades will be carefully preserved and incorporated into the development enhancing the strong sense of character this project fosters and balancing innovative design with the city’s historic integrity, bridging the old and new sympathetically.


  • Client /Invercargill Central Limited
  • Discipline /MP. AR. ID
  • Sector /Mixed-Use
  • Region /New Zealand
  • Value /$165m
  • Team / Daren Alderson, Bradley Hunting