A Welcoming Feel

Hear and Say Brisbane, Australia

Hear and Say

Brisbane, Australia


A previously pigeon infested, derelict building is now a vibrant and welcoming head office for Hear and Say, one of Queensland’s most inspirational non-profit organisations.

The landmark project set a brief to meet the capacity and needs of future generations. It asked for warmth and familiarity for families, whilst responding to demand for programs with the latest technology and teaching methods.

We developed six key themes to guide the design and represent the different parts of the building. They are: The Heart, The Spirit and Soul, The Brain, The Sharing Hub, The Discovery Zone, and The Body.

The wayfinding package reflects this concept using a designated background colour to identify each zone. Signs throughout the complex identify with the ‘Hear and Say’ name. The subtle use of an indented arrow represents ‘Hear’ on the side edge of wayfinding panels. ‘Say’ is represented by the relocation of the arrow to the underside of the panel, forming a speech bubble to provide directional information.

The finished building features advanced acoustic design and disability-friendly access. This ensures the different sections are all part of an integrated design that maximises accessibility whilst retaining family-friendly comfort.