A Local Meeting Spot

Halls Head Central Mandurah, Australia

Halls Head Central

Mandurah, Australia


The design for the redevelopment employs a contemporary coastal aesthetic in homage to the nearby seaside to create a vibrant retail and leisure for the local community.

‘Walkability’ through the site flows from direct pedestrian links with a high-level of amenity and physical appeal. New mall entries provide a clear statement to the public. The contemporary market hall in the existing centre makes use of the voluminous space. The individual alfresco areas create a varied expression of each tenancy’s domain and add to the eclectic ‘built over time’ character of the external facade and dining area.

The material palette has soft toned natural materials including timber and stone to provide a warm welcoming environment. The external materiality derives from the colours and tones that are typical to Western Australia as well as the visual symbols of Mandurah which include the native trees, historic timber structures and the estuary. Natural light and the ability to connect with the sky visually continue through from the existing centre.

Halls Head is known for its family atmosphere and central to this is the playground, along with family cafe and dining options. Colourful coastal plant species fulfill sustainable and low water use principles.