Artful Connections

Emporium Melbourne Melbourne, Australia

Emporium Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia


Buchan’s inspired response creates a ‘uniquely Melbourne’ centre that complements the city's famous network of laneways by connecting five major city retail spaces via intertwining pedestrian bridges and tunnels.

Every nuance and aesthetic subtlety contributes to the centre’s destinational quality. The centre is a seven-level vertical space that seamlessly integrates existing heritage facades with new buildings and extensive glazed features.

Users are at the core of the design. Retail principles are applied to the building footprint and defined and located entrances to follow the existing path of pedestrian circulation. The success of the layout is thanks to the implementation of a traditional retail ‘race track’ in non-traditional dimensions, which accommodated the required depth of tenancies and international brand requirements while catering for the diversity of brands on offer. Clear sightlines draw people to all levels, enabled by the consideration of existing bridge connections and the addition of new connections to adjacent centres and stores.

The result strikes a fine balance between pedestrian-friendly navigation and dramatic scale. The voluminous and light space removes the closed-in feel and compactness often associated with indoor centres. The malls are spacious and interspersed with contemporary lounges, accented with rich materiality, high-quality finishes and unique void edge details.

This significant retail development elevates Emporium Melbourne as a champion of Australian Fashion. Buchan worked in collaboration with Wonderwall, Rockwell Group and Russell & George.