Design. Realised.

Buchan Rebrand Global

Buchan Rebrand



Bringing together our diverse studio cultures into a single brand, representative of our new vision – ‘Design. Realised.’.

The rebrand of Buchan was designed and implemented by our Brand Experience team who undertook workshops, staff surveys and client interviews to establish a robust brand platform from which to launch our new strategic approach across our 11 studios globally. The resulting set of core values, brand attributes, vision and a fresh brand personality provide the framework for our overall design approach.

The new brand and strapline ‘Design. Realised.’ captures Buchan’s focus on creating quality design while working with Clients to realise their vision. The brand is a balance between past and future, idea and outcome, design and delivery, which is reflected in the concept of symmetry and its application to the brand identity and visual language.

The white colour palette represents a coming together of our people and studios into one strong and unified company — a spectrum of colour passing through a prism; while patterns and textures are used to communicate the balance of services Buchan offers and the scales in which we design.

The result is a contemporary brand which is representative of the work we produce and the goals we strive for with our clients.