Valerie Mack


Valerie has enjoyed a stellar career in interior design both nationally and internationally. Her portfolio encompasses the design of many significant projects throughout Asia Pacific in the hospitality, commercial, residential and retail sectors.

Based in Melbourne, Valerie is a Principal and Sector Leader – Interiors, encompassing the creation of workplace, hospitality, co-work and hotel destinations.

Valerie is a leader in the design of places centred on human experience where people thrive; places that promote mental, social and physical wellbeing through amenity.

Valerie has led large design teams, and worked with complex client organisations. She is passionate about driving success for her clients with an in-depth knowledge of environmental, social and financial goals.

“Design of interior spaces should help to convey a unique personality that connects to both existing and prospective users, enhancing the brand experience and supporting both physical and emotional needs.”

Valerie Mack

Selected Work