Raylene McEwan

Principal + Regional Operations Leader / New Zealand

Raylene has more than three decades of experience in architectural design and project delivery. Starting her career as a draughtsperson, she is now a Principal in Buchan’s Christchurch studio and Regional Operation Leader for New Zealand. Raylene has built an indomitable team, delivering numerous successful projects across the retail, mixed-use and commercial sectors.

Raylene is passionate about architecture and creative arts, is a strong supporter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and takes an active role mentoring young team members across the industry, believing that in good mentorship you learn from each other.

“Beginning as a draughtsperson, I learned to design and problem solve early in my career, and combined with my diverse experience outside of work I bring a varied and open-minded view to everything I do. I have a genuine interest in bringing teams together and respecting each person’s skills, underpinned by a desire for successful client outcomes.”


Raylene McEwan

Selected Work