David McCarroll

Principal / Brisbane

With almost thirty years’ experience, working worldwide to create retail, mixed use and large scale urban masterplanning projects, David has an extensive background and a deep interest in how the built environment impacts people at both a personal and sociological level. His experience has given him a rare ability to imagine and realise design which is both creative and human-centric, but also commercially pragmatic and deliverable. As a design leader David enjoys the challenge of working closely with clients to solve complex design problems and produce innovative world-class solutions.

His experience covers the exciting, albeit challenging transformation of what was once considered retail design into more nuanced placemaking with the creation of town centres and lifestyle precincts. Places that are designed to be occupied and enjoyed in a continuous sense rather than more traditional models where activity ceases once people leave for home.

“In a world changing at an ever-accelerating pace, people are increasingly seeking memorable experiences that can be shared, yet paradoxically they’ve also become both choice rich and time-poor. As designers, we have the privilege to create compelling human spaces in which people can invest their time and enrich their experiences.”


David McCarroll