Sylvia Park hailed largest shopping centre in New Zealand

The recent $277 million expansion of Kiwi Property’s Sylvia Park has cemented the retail giant’s position as the largest shopping centre in New Zealand. Dubbed ‘The Galleria’, the new space features an atrium which floods the mall with diffused natural daylight through roof skylights; while at night, discrete light sources up-light the curved surfaces of the ceilings providing a soft ambience.

“The inspiration for the Galleria came from a desire to create a contemporary and timeless space which would act as a counterpoint to the dynamic and more ephemeral designs of the retail units and shopfronts, which are more driven by changing trends and fashions over time,” said Buchan Principal Robert McFarlane of the design.

Sitting alongside the retail space, dining precinct ‘The Terrace at Sylvia Park’ provides shoppers with an inviting spot to meet and grab a bite to eat. Featuring a range of globally inspired cuisine options set within an elegant and modern environment, ‘The Terrace at Sylvia Park’ elevates the traditional shopping centre eatery experience.

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Buchan’s architectural vision for Sylvia Park – Shopping Centre News