Phil Schoutrop Discusses European Study Tour at LFRA Quarterly Forum and Inaugural Gala Awards Night

Melbourne members and supporters of the Large Format Retail Association (LFRA) enjoyed a jam-packed day of retail insights and industry accolades yesterday during the LFRA Quarterly Forum and Inaugural Gala Awards Night.

Buchan Principal/Director and retail specialist Phil Schoutrop kicked off the Quarterly Forum with an overview of the recent LFRA Study Tour to Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom, alongside Study Tour participants Ian Robertson (Beacon Lighting), Michael Witts (Mainbrace Constructions) and Vanessa Madden (CBRE). The panel explored key retail trends ascertained from the trip, noting the importance of experiential design – creating experiences for consumers which transcend the traditional shopping centre model – in order to stay relevant in an increasingly demanding retail climate.

Following the Forum, the Inaugural Gala Awards Night provided the opportunity to recognise thriving retail industry properties, companies and people. The elegant festivities were supported by bespoke animations and logo design created by Buchan’s Brand Experience team. Our congratulations to all the finalists and winners and also to the LFRA for another outstanding event.