Construction underway on South Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop

Steeped in history dating back the industrial revolution, Sydney’s Locomotive Workshops will soon be reimagined as a hybrid mixed-use destination which embraces the rich heritage of the site.

Driven by three key design principles; transparency, robustness and tactility, the design team have developed a considered interior that celebrates the immense volumes of the space. Reinstated sightlines and an array of guided trails lead to intimate spaces with unexpected vantage points to further engage with the building’s history.

Heritage machinery and objects remain boldly on display alongside public exhibition spaces that thoughtfully interpret the sites’ past, while custom displays made from reused heritage components and metal house historical objects and interactive digital content.

The result is an unrivalled historical exhibition experience set alongside an enticing retail offering – which includes one of the world’s longest operating blacksmith workshops.

Buchan are delighted to be providing Architecture, Interior Design and Heritage Interpretation services for this project, working in close collaboration with Sissons, Heritage Specialists Curio Projects and our client Mirvac.

For more information please visit the Mirvac website.