Hyperdome North Mall unveils a vibrant, play on design

Inspired by the tropical Queensland climate, the newly transformed Hyperdome North Mall creates a vibrant and memorable environment for shoppers through its playful design. Key dwell spaces are characterised by vibrant colours and textures framed by dappled sunlight which pours in from the lightweight ceiling canopy above, reminiscent of an external pergola; while the surrounding mall areas are kept neutral to highlight the retail offering. Bespoke seating and planters created in close collaboration with Quatro Design further complement the ‘landscape’ and ‘play’ theme which runs throughout.

The opening of the North Mall marks the next chapter in the ongoing evolution of Hyperdome by our client QICGRE.

The project was designed in association with Cavill Architects and Sullivan Skinner, and delivered in collaboration with Quatro Design. Find out more about our creative delivery process with Quatro Design please check out the below Shopping Centre News Australia article.

Images courteous of David Chatfield.