Futurity: A window into 130 years of design by Buchan

Look beyond the walls that have shaped our past and present as we gaze through windows into the future to reconceptualise what may lie ahead.

The foundation of good design is marked by an unwavering desire to reflect on, and challenge ideas; and to be bold and visionary in approach. For 130 years Buchan has created designs which have helped shape neighbourhoods and experiences; join us over the next year as we celebrate this milestone by taking a journey from 2040-2150 to envision a new future for projects past, and pay homage to the to the designs that have made our practice what it is today.

As we begin our celebration it is only fitting that we start our journey in Geelong, where our practice first opened in 1890. Join us as we gaze through a window into the future to re-conceptualise what could lie ahead for the iconic Geelong State Government Offices.