Final building demolished on Invercargill Central site

The final building on-site at Invercargill Central was demolished on Saturday, paving the way for Amalgamated Builders to begin construction.

The milestone brings the eagerly awaited project another step closer to completion, with the first stage of the redevelopment being anchored by Farmers Department Store which will sit alongside hospitality, civic, entertainment, residential, commercial and a host of other services focused on the wants and needs of the Invercargill community.

As a next-generation project, not only does the development engage the residents of Invercargill, but it will provide economic and social benefits to the surrounding regional communities of New Zealand’s South Island by creating jobs and attracting tourism to the area; during construction and into the future. To find out more about this transformative project by Invercargill Central Limited please read here.

Image from Amalgamated Builders.