Buchan’s response to COVID-19

With the evolving situation of COVID-19, Buchan are taking measures to protect our people and their families first and foremost and to help reduce the spread of any infections during this unprecedented time. Our studios remain open and we are empowering and enabling our teams to work remotely where needed; technical capabilities allow us to continue to deliver for our clients, hand in glove with our consultant teams.

From Wednesday 18 March, our Sydney and Melbourne studios will be employing remote working wherever possible. Business as usual will remain across our practice until official sources advise otherwise, the situation changes or our people need/request remote working. We are in a position for our other studios to follow suit as and when required. Our adaptability, flexibility and agility is what allows us to provide continuity of service.

At the present time, we have no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus within our global network of studios and our locations remain safe places to work and visit but, heeding the advice of authorities, undertaking social distancing is the best measure at this time. As such, we have ceased all domestic and international travel for our employees unless absolutely necessary. Our staff will not be attending events, conferences or large gatherings wherever possible. Any vital meetings will be facilitated via telephone or video conferencing.  In the meantime, if you have any scheduled meetings, we will be in touch about the retention of these or the best possible alternative to in-person attendance.

Whilst social distancing is an imperative step to take, we want to reassure you that health and safety is our priority but our ability to service workflow both incumbent and new, remains strong. Our people remain contactable by phone and email.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will follow the advice of the relevant authorities and government bodies. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves and any associated Buchan initiatives to respond to these changes.

If you have any urgent queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Buchan contacts.

We wish all of our clients and partners, their friends and families good health.

Bruce Shaw, Greg Sheehan and The Buchan Team