Buchan Welcomes Staples Education Foundation Student

Staples Education Foundation (SEF) is a tertiary scholarship programme that helps recipients transition from school to university. As passionate supporters of the future generation of architects and designers, our team were delighted to recently welcome first year architecture student and SEF participant Shaan Johari to our Auckland studio for two weeks of work experience.

“Throughout my time working at Buchan, I was able to gain valuable work experience and knowledge which can’t be found within the walls of the university studios.” Shaan reflected on the experience.

“Working alongside an experienced architect taught me how to take the knowledge I’ve already learnt throughout my studies and apply it to the real world. I gained an inside perspective into the masterminding behind the beautiful buildings you see dotted around the country and all the technical operations and hard work that go on behind the scenes.”

Site visits and hands-on learning added to the experience for Shaan.

“I even had the opportunity to visit the construction site at Sylvia Park and see first-hand the thinking processes during the meetings with contractors and site-managers. During these two weeks, I also learnt how to use different architectural programs which I had had no experience of beforehand. Having this knowledge so early on in my studies is an irreplaceable advantage which I will now be able to apply to my journey towards a promising future career.”

Associate Daniel Eiem, who guided Shaan throughout his time at Buchan, had this to say “he has been great to have around. We have noticed his enthusiasm in the field of architecture and his willingness to learn new things which is a formula for success.”

“It is safe to say that I have made some great connections during my time at Buchan and I will look forward to the next time I return” concluded Shaan.

To find out more about the great work of the Staples Education Foundation please visit their website.