Buchan Welcomes Keystone Trust Study Award Recipient

As proud sponsors of Keystone Trust for several years, our team were delighted to welcome Sophie Chapman, a Keystone Trust 2019 Study Award recipient working towards a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, into our Christchurch studio during her recent summer study break.

“I loved working at Buchan and learned so many things about the industry from learning skills on computer programs, going on-site visits and just being able to see what architects do on a day-to-day basis. There’s much more to the job than what you get told.” Sophie reflected on the experience.

“Sophie actively contributed to the studio with her fresh and creative thinking,” said Associate Rhys Maxwell. “She confidently added value to the project tasks she was involved with and was quick to adapt her knowledge from her studies to real-life architectural thinking and workflow. We felt privileged to be able to give Sophie real experiences on real projects that she could take away to assist in her development as a young architectural student.”

You can read more about Sophie’s experience on the Keystone Trust website.