AEIOU Bald Hills Centre for Autism opens doors for families

As a world-class facility for autism-specific early intervention, the AEIOU Bald Hills Centre for Autism was a rewarding design challenge for our brand experience team who worked in close collaboration with teachers and specialists to develop a character brand specific to the centre.

‘Andi Little’ is non-gender specific ‘friend’ that relates to children utilising services at the centre. Andi is introduced to visitors upon arrival and proceeds on a series of adventures that relate to themed rooms and designated colour palettes.

Each mural features unique terrain and different modes of transport to cater for varying interests. These are set low and scaled with variation so that children of different ages are inspired by the activities depicted.

Buchan worked hand in hand with consultants and long-term partners AEIOU Foundation for children with autism and Hutchinson Builders to undertake these branding services, in addition to delivering architectural and interior design works.